Saturday, August 20, 2011

Making Connections Through Music

One of my goals this year is to use motivational music to connect with my students. My biggest problem in using music is knowing what is relevant to kids these days and what they would like. I found a great website that has given me all kinds of ideas and exposed me to artist that I would not normally be aware of.

I have been saving the songs I really like into my Edmodo Library for use throughout the year. I may have something like "Tuesday Tunes". I'm not really sure how I will use the music. The slower pace tempo songs, I am dowloading onto my Itunes for a playlist of music to listen to during group activities and classwork time.

But here is a question for you techies out there. I have found this very inspirational song by Eminem that I would like to play but it contains two MF's towards the end of the song. Is there anyway to play this You Tube Video and Bleep the MF's? If not, I guess I'm gonna have to scrap the song.


Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

I loved using music in my classes too! I just started a list of back to school songs on facebook- have any to add with us?! :)

I am going to share your link too!

Mr. W said...

there should be an uncensored version of the song somewhere. Just search and put the word censored on it. Usually someone uploads a version from MTV which is censored.

Or you can go to iTunes and download the song, and most of the time they have a censored version as well.

I play music for my students as well. Not sure if it serves any purpose besides I like it :-) I play it during passing periods, it's just something I have always done.

If I do it during class, like during classwork, it is instrumental music or not as "heavy".

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