Thursday, April 7, 2011

Early Morning Blues

I teach Math Models 1st period. I started out with 24 students. I am down to 19. Several have dropped out of school, a couple left to be "home schooled", one ran away from home and landed in Wisconsin with relatives, and one is now homebound because of severe anxiety issues.

Even though 19 are enrolled, on most days there are just 10-11 students present. Where are the other 8 or 9? Who knows. Most tell me, they just can't wake up that early so they show up for school during 2nd or 3rd period. Others don't bother with an excuse.

The state says these juniors, who can't be bothered to show up for their first period class must all take and pass algebra II next year. Yeah right. Make no mistake. Their lack of success in algebra II will have nothing to do with their mathematical ability and everything to do with their lack of perserverance.

On the bright side, I have about 5 shining stars in this class who are absolutely amazing math students and even better human beings. They are a joy to teach and the reason I look forward to this class every day.

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