Friday, October 21, 2011

Slope Book Project

I wanted to share this project with you all earlier, but I was waiting until they were all turned in to evaluate how the project went and if there was anything I would change.

In our scope and sequence, we solve all types of linear equations and inequalities in Unit 2 and then we begin our study of graphing linear equations and inequalities in unit 3. One of my colleagues and I got this idea to introduce a project on slope back in unit 2 before the students had ever heard of slope and make it due the week that we began our study of graphing.

Our hope was that the kids would do some research on their own and have some mental file folders all ready for the knowledge they would receive in class. The project was an overwhelming success. The students were required to make a book all about the four types of slope. They had to research what the four types of slope were, write an introduction in their own words and then find 10 real world pictures that represented the four types of slope. Each picture had to have a caption. They could capture these pictures on their own, search the web, or draw the pictures. We gave them the choice to present the project digitally or the old-fashioned way.

Some of the students made amazing Animoto presentations, some made power point, some just made a little book out of notebook paper or construction paper. I think we accomplished our goal of having the students learn a little on their own before the material was presented in class. This exercise seemed to make the learning more meaningful as we went through our lessons on slope this week.

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