Thursday, January 12, 2012

My New Blog

I'd like to invite all my readers to follow my new blog,

The Hungry Hugheys

Over Christmas vacation, my youngest son asked me if I would make a cookbook of all the recipes he grew up on so that he could begin cooking for himself. After thinking about how best to go about collecting and typing up all the recipes, I decided a blog format would be the best way to collect and share the recipes. This way, the entire family will be able to access the recipes anytime, anywhere, as long as they have their phone, computer, Ipad, Kindle, etc handy.

I have been having a great time archiving all of our favorite recipes and have been getting wonderful feedback from all my friends who are excited about trying the recipes. I'm not a great chef or anything. I am just a mom who had to feed three hungry teenagers. The food is simple, yet delcious. Stop by. If you decide to follow me, you will get one new recipe every day in your reader.

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