Monday, January 11, 2010

Linear Art Project for Algebra I

For the last two days my algebra I students have been working on a Linear Art Project. Here is the basic idea. Construct a picture of at least 20 line segments that includes at least 5 vertical, 5 horizontal, 5 lines with postitive slope, and 5 lines with negative slope. Sketch the picture onto graph paper, number each line segment and then write the equation of each segment and give the appropriate domain and range for each segment. Some of the pictures have been quite amazing (with 50 or more segments)and most students have really put themselves into the whole process. Some had trouble getting started, but once they did, they were able to complete the project fairly independently. I probably should have made them complete it at home, but I wanted to supervise their work and I'm counting it as their last test grade of the grading period so I didn't want a bunch of kids taking zeros on it just because they didn't feel like doing it, and then having to explain why they are all the sudden failing my class to the parents. The way it is working out now, some who had 65-69 are now going to pass because they have done so well. I have been especially amazed to see how some of the boys have really gotten into this project.

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