Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our first unit in Algebra I this year is functions. The very first lesson deals with multiple representations of functions and determining whether a relation is a function. The lesson seemed so drab and boring so I used to activities to teach the concepts. I think they worked quite well.

In the first activity I gave the students this paper. The paper has four verbal phrases like the "y-values of the set are four times the corresponding x-value"

Then I gave them a baggie of cut up cards. Each card has a either a graph, a set of ordered pairs, a mapping and a table. Also each card has a random number in the top right corner.

I had the students match each verbal phrase with the corresponding representation. After they found the four cards that matched their verbal description, they wrote the number of the card in the answer boxes below each verbal description.

The only thing I will do different next year is add an equation card so they will have to match 5 cards to each verbal description.

Next, we talked about the definition of a function and I gave them a few examples then I gave them this baggie of cards and had the students (who were seated as partners) designate one desk for functions and one desk for non-functions. I then had them sort the cards into either function or not function. There was a lot of really good discussion that went one. At the end we debriefed and I went over the answers and let them redo their piles. Today, we will talk about the vertical line test, but it should be a breeze for them after yesterday's lesson.


Alexis said...

I love these! We are using CScope this year...but I like your stuff better!

Kim Hughey said...

Alexis, I hate Cscope. I hope you are having a better experience with it than I did! I am so happy to be in a new school where I have the freedom to try my own ideas and the ideas I get from blogging.

Alexis said...

Mrs. H, I am not loving it so far. Luckily we are supposed to be following the sequence but have freedom with the time and lessons. I hope it stays that way! Thanks for sharing your lessons! I get so many great ideas from you! Someday I would like to blog but don't seem to have (or make) the time!

miss.calcul8 said...

Hi, I wanted to use your resources because I love card sorts but every link said it was broken when I clicked on it. :( Is there any other way to get these files?

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