Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Student Folders

I want to share an idea that made my life so much easier last school year. Living right outside a major urban city, we get a lot of turnover in our student body.  Every school year I get a little flustered when new students unexpectedly show up at my classroom door. Do you stop everything and  help them settle in, or do you just tell them to go sit down and hope you will have time at the end to visit with the student?

To help alleviate the disruptions and help the new student feel welcome, I've started making New Student folders.  During the summer, I buy about 20 folders for each prep and set each one up with all the papers I give out on the first day or two of school.  My folders contain a welcome letter, a student information sheet, a parent information sheet that they will get signed and returned, a supply list, a calendar of our first unit, and a class syllabus.  And best of all, I put a little piece of candy in there to make them feel welcome.

My note says something like this:

"Welcome to our class. Whether you are new to Paradise High School or you are just had a schedule change, change can be stressful. This packet will explain everything you need to know about this class. Please complete the following steps:

1. Fill out the student information sheet (yellow)
2. Please take home the Parent information sheet and have your parent (or guardian) fill out and return tomorrow
And so on . . .


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I always get new students at some point (like you said, new to school or just a schedule change). Usually my coteacher and I have to scramble to find everything. I know I have a pack of folders around here somewhere . . . . Thank you for sharing!

Simplifying Radicals said...

Love, love, love this idea. We have a lot of turn over with students in our school as well. I am stealing this idea from you.

Anonymous said...

Would you mind posting the resources you put inside?

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