Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Determining Whether a Relation is a Function Sort Activity

In addition to foldables, I will also be using various types of graphic organizers in my Interactive Notebooks. One activity which I have found to be beneficial when students are learning new material is a card sort. When students learn to sort items into examples and non-examples, it helps them to process the information into their long term memory. The activity I am sharing today is a simple Card Sort where students are given a mat titled Function/Non Function and a set of cards. They will be asked to sort the cards and lay them in the appropriate place. After students are finished, we check the answers and then they can glue them down and place into their notebooks. The picture below shows the finished product. Normally, I would print this on colored paper, but I thought it would show up better if I just use regular copy paper for the picture. Feel free to download the Determining Whether a Relation is a Function activity here and edit to suit your needs.


Anders said...

How is x(-1, 2, 5) and y(-4, 8, 20) not a function? I'm having trouble trying to figure this one out. Thanks.

Kim Hughey said...

If you look closely, there is an error in the picture. I accidently taped one of the cards on the wrong side, but didn't notice it until later. There should be seven functions and five not functions.

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