Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Effectively Managing Make Up Tests or How Not To Lose Your Frickin' Mind

I am in the zone! The list making, organizing, idea generating zone, get ready for school zone.

As I think about how I want to manage my math classes this year, I can't help but think of one problem I have every single year. See if this sounds familiar.

You give a test. On test day, say you have 10 people absent. Do they come in and make up the test right away? Uhhh, not in my classes! Some serious reminding, brow beating, and sometimes even phone calls to parents have to happen before I can get my darlings to come make up a test.

Here is how the conversation will go when they finally make it in to take their test.

Student: "Mrs. H, I'm here to take the test I owe you."

Mrs H: "Which test are you wanting to take?" (we've taken 3 tests since the one they missed)

Student: "I don't know what it's about. It's the one you gave me a zero for in the gradebook."

Mrs. H: After discerning which test it is that this student owes me, I begin to look everywhere for the test. It's here somewhere I know! Can it be under one of the piles on my desk? Did I file it? Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, where did I put that
&$%# test??????

After searching frantically for the test for a good 5 minutes or so, I give up and say, "Why don't I just print you out another one. Go sit down and I'll be right with you."

Student finally takes the test and then it is time to find the #&%$ answer key. Same frustrating scenario unfolds as Mrs. H scrambles to find the answer key.

Not this year my friends! I have an idea! Now, I'm sure all of you already have a great system for situations such as this and if you do, then why haven't you shared it with me yet?? I've been dealing with this issue every single year! So here's my idea.

I bought a 1.5" binder like this

Then I put all my answer keys to my quizzes and tests into sheet protectors like this.

Then I bought some dividers which have pockets like this. I put one after each test.

So now, when a student is absent on test day, I am going to put a blank copy of the test they missed with their name on it in the divider. It will be right there along with the answer key!!!! Brilliant!!!! I'm so excited about my idea. Now if I can just manage to not lose the %$#@ notebook!


Ricochet said...

On the day of the test, I put names on tests of everyone who is missing and put that in a file. I don't put the key with it, so that is brilliant!!

Mr. W said...

I used to do that. got away from it last year, maybe I will try it again.

Moved to a new room, so I got behind early. I have all of my tests organized now better than ever. So when they miss I know where everything is.

Surani said...

Sounds good!

Another way to help is to use the day after tests as test correction day, and students that were absent have to do the test on that day and just miss out on test corrections.

GREATLY cuts down on long-term make-up tests.

Ms. Russell said...

Guard it with you life. Once the kids catch on that all of your answer keys are in one book, someone may be tempted to help themselves to it!

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