Friday, October 19, 2012

Football Frenzy

Today, I'd like to share an activity from one of my amazing colleagues.  My friend, Bonnie,  shared this activity with our team last week and I asked her if I could share it on my blog.  This activity is perfect for those fall Fridays when your students are more concerned about the big game than they are about staying on task and completing another boring homework assignment.  This activity would also be great for the Friday before the Super Bowl. 

If you are familiar with my Ghosts in the Graveyard, it is a very similar idea.  Students work in groups to complete a set of problem cards with the goal of moving their game piece down a football field in order to score a touchdown. Bonnie, used this activity to practice factoring, but you could practice just about any topic with this game.

Materials Needed:
1.  A large football field that your can draw onto your whiteboard or some green butcher paper
2.  A marker for each team to move down the field
3.  5-6 problem cards for each yardage:  5, 10, 15


1.  Place students in groups of three or four
2.  Give each group a “5 yard card”.  If group works all problems correctly, advance their marker 5 yards on the football field.  Once successful on a “5 yard card” they may advance to a “10 yard card”.  If successful, advance their marker 10 yards and they may work a “15 yard card”
3.  If the group is unsuccessful at any level, they must work another card on that same level before they move on.
4.  Once successful at every level, they may work cards at any level they choose.
5.  First group to score a touchdown wins
Here are the generic Football Frenzy instructions complete with templates for the football cards and markers
Here is my friend's Football Factoring activity



takefive said...

Thanks for posting this seems like students would be interested in doing more practice.

How did the lesson go?

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For those Friday choose a good Argentine wine to relax

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