Friday, November 21, 2008

The Walmart Game

Tomorrow is grocery store day for my husband and I. We have a new game we play when we go buy groceries at Walmart to make the chore more enjoyable. We've assigned a point system to all the strange people we see at Walmart and we try to improve our score each time we go.

For example:
  • an obese person using a scooter-5 points
  • someone wearing pajamas-5 points
  • a kids with no shoes-10 points
  • a used diaper in the parking lot -10 points
  • a mom with multiple rowdy children talking obliviously on her cell phone-10 points
  • a person speaking through a voice box-10 points
  • someone dressed completely in camouflage-10 points
  • someone giving away puppies or kittens-10 points
  • child over five drinking from a baby bottle-10 points
  • kid riding a bike-5 points
  • woman with rollers in her hair-5 points
  • someone with BO-20 points

We need a few more suggestions, so if you've seen something strange at Walmart, let's hear it!


Brandon said...

I once went to walmart and people started getting into a shouting match over proposition two. that was entertaining. i'd give that 20 points (people arguing).

- 5 points for competing Nascar jersey's in the same family.

(i found your blog through 'no longer a rural first year teacher')

Teacher said...

5 points if you see teenagers or young adults (or anyone other than children) playing in the toy section

5 points if you see someone wearing around Wal-Mart merchandise before they have purchased it.

Anonymous said...

There should be different categories for couples yelling at each other (lower) and strangers yelling at each other (higher)


Mrs. H said...

Thanks to all the suggestions, my husband and I had our best Walmart game ever. I did get a few more ideas from actual people we saw yesterday.

1. A plus size woman without a bra. (10 points) Well, really no woman should go to Walmart without a bra, but ladies if you are larger than an A cup, please WEAR a bra!

2. Anyone whose gender cannot be determined. (10 points) (I am not slamming anyone's sexuality here. . .please do not get offended)

3. A man with a ponytail holding hands with a woman who had a crew cut.

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